An Evening at Wrexham FC
22nd May 2009
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A fine group of local business folks joined us at Wrexham FC where we were treated to a tour of the ground by Fenella and Phil. There are imminent exciting developments linking the club and the neighbouring University and further announcements are expected over the next few weeks.

Business isn't easy for anyone and Robert Ellis of Ellis and Co impressed me by taking his family for a break in Spain, using modern technology to carry on working, whilst gaining a healthy tan. It is so important to be able to get away and relieve some of those pressures.

Talking about getting away, Kim and Marion, owners of Redes, were invited to Oman where there are business opportunities for civil engineers, the recession doesn't seem to have affected the oil rich states devolpment plans, and Kim was explaining to me how it is now possible to do much of the planning in Wrexham. His vast experience in the Middle East and modern technology make his skills available right across the Asian Continent. Quite mind boggling to those of us doing business before the fax machine was invented.

Conversely, our meeting showed just how important it is to meet "the locals", many of our guests reported that the new contacts made on the night are already leading to new business opportunities "close to home".

Mervyn L

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