An education in cleaning
22nd May 2011
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Well I've been intoduced to a new concept this week: cleaning without sprays and chemicals.  Now whilst this may not be up there with my discoveries of powerful marketing and business growth techniques, it is something useful.

Tracey at Merry Maids (domestic cleaners) passed me details of her current offer which gives each new client a set of microfiber cleaning cloths.  Whilst cleaning products is not something I normally get anywhere near excited about, the concept of these seemingly simple things is pretty amazing.

By being made of funky high-tech material, these cloths pick up almost all the dirt, germs, dust etc. without the use of chemical sprays and liquids.  Hygienic cleaning without the need to buy more cleaning products is great and the other plus point is that there are no nasty chemicals left on your surfaces.

Especially for those of us with young children, the less in the way of chemicals about the home the better.

I may have to book a cleaning service from the lovely Merry Maids ladies just so I get a set :)


Get yours here

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