A womans work
20th April 2009
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After Christmas, Easter is prime family time for us. It probably is for you too. Once again we were delighted to welcome home our three children and their nearest and dearest.

The week before, every item in the house was cleaned, dusted or replaced by my wife. For 4 Easter days 10 people, and 2 dogs, were fed, watered (coffeed, teaed, wined, beered and spirited mainly), entertained and generally catered for by my wife Viv, their mum, in truly exceptional fashion. The following four days saw full scale washing and cleaning to put everything back in order.

We all enjoyed our holiday but it was successful purely because of the selfless effort of one person. OK we all tried to help a bit but I was in awe of the energy, expertise, love and care provided by "'er indoors". I guess that you can all relate to this story, some of you may well be 'er indoors!

It's back to work for us all now, refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to take on the challenges of a difficult trading period. The sun is shining, folks are smiling, we can win!

Mervyn L

If there treasures storred up in Heaven then Viv will be very rich.

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