A guide to help you through the current economic crisis
6th November 2008
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On Wednesday I attended a Network Meeting, organised by Medwyn Edwards of Hadlow Edwards Financial Advisors and Robert Ellis, Senior Partner of Ellis and Co Accountants and a couple of other promininent local businesses.

Medwin and Robert have produced pamphlets to help guide small businesses through the current crisis. A phone call will get you a free copy (Click here for contact details).

Both of them are keen to emphasise the need to remain positive and I cannot word it better than this Press Release from Ellis & Co.

"In the current economic climate it is in everyones interests as businesses and as employers to work together and share expertise and knowledge that can make the difference not just between failure and survival, but between failure and successful development."

"All businesses, even those that are not currently suffering from the economic downturn, are concerned about the months ahead. The important thing is not to "wait and see what happens", but to review the current performance of your business and plan for the future. The 20 Point Checklist (the pamphlet) covers areas like having clear trading termsand conditions, debt control, cost reduction, tax planning, setting realistic targets and putting a strategy in place that gives you the best chance of reaching those targets."

"It's also important to involve all of your staff in both developing and implementing your strategy, so that everyone is working together to overcome problems resulting from the recession and credit crunch. The aim of our checklist is to provide businesses with a sound basis from which they can identify and deal with potential problems and continue to develop their business through some very tough times."

Copies of the Tough Times - Business Check List are available free of charge via e-mail. info@ellis-uk.com.

I believe that this is a great free offer, if you would like more advice on accountancy matters, why not give Robert a call.

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