A common bond
6th July 2009
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Last week we welcomed Mulberry Blinds on to the Best of Wrexham.  Owner Peter English was proudly wearing the Welsh Rugby Union Shirt.  Rugby is one of my passions and Peter, coming from the Welsh heartland of Rugby Union, Cardiff, is equally enthusiastic.

Every 4 years the British and Irish nations club together to form one team, The British Lions.  What a great occassion when all of these countries and their star players form a united team.  Okay, when we talked the Lions were 2 tests down, it could so easilly have been 2 tests up, we dropped the ball over the try line 3 times in the first match and South Africa should have had a man sent off in the first minute of the second.  Oh what might have been.  Since we spoke the Lions have put in a mammoth performance to win the final match.  I reckon that we would have won a 5 Test Series.  There were some magic personal performances from a team featuring lots of Welsh and Irish players.  The line of Phillips Jones, O'Driscoll and Roberts are as good as any I have seen and Kearney, Croft and Bowe are all sporting heroes.

Now it's on to Cardiff for the first cricket Test Match, I never thought that I would ever write that, against the Aussies,and although the team is called England it will conist of the best players from Wales, Scotland and Ireland as well.  Who said South Africa?

It will be another 4 years until the Lions tour again, but our nations (not Southern Ireland this time) will join forces again in 2012 for the Olympics, when we will all strive together Going for Gold.

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