2010 Wrexham style.
7th January 2010
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2010 is likely to be another difficult year for business owners across Wrexham B C.  Everywhere else as well too, but we are really interested in our district.

On the plus side must be the increase in University places, more people should lead to more money coming in.

Also good news is Wrexham FC sharing their ground with the Crusaders Rugby League team.  Their first match is at the end of the month against Leeds Rhinos and they don't come much tougher than that!  Ground sharing has to be a good way forwards and top quality rugby league is fast and furious.  You might notice that they don't roll around in agony every time someone touches them, that'll make a nice change.  Hopefully they will bring in the crowds, well behaved ones as well, and with them an influx of money.  It has to be a good move for the Football Club, for the Crusaders and for Wrexham.

If the town centre road works are also at an end, I do not know I'm only hoping, then this will be the third big plus.

Fingers crossed, we will make 2010 a Happy New Year!

Mervyn L

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