10-important questions to ask at your child's Parents' Evening
2nd July 2012
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At an average parents' evening you get no longer than 10-minutes with your child's teacher. And most of the time, they're running late, and you have to sit in a tiny plastic chair, which can make it difficult to think of some questions for the teacher at the end of your slot.

So, we've thought of some for you. Print them out if you want, or write down a selection of your favourite. Or, if you want to be teacher's pet ' memorise them. However you choose to use them, we hope you find them useful.

  1. Is my child happy at school? This is perhaps the most important question to ask of it's not already been covered in your conversation. Your child should receive excellent emotional and social care, as well as a formal education.
  2. Who do they play with?  Like the previous question, this is about establishing your child's happiness. Their ability to make friends and have a good social-circle is vital to their well-being.
  3. Which subject do they enjoy most, and what are they best at? Sometimes we think we know what our children are great at, and what they like doing. But often teachers have a different view, and children develop and grow to love different subjects as they go through school.
  4. What's their weakest subject, and how can we help them progress in it? Every child has something they struggle with. Asking this question can help you and the teacher share techniques to help your child improve in this area.
  5. Does my child contribute in class discussions? A child who's prepared to voice their opinion in class is a confident child.
  6. Have they made steady progress throughout the year? Hopefully your child will understand what they're being taught and be able to demonstrate that knowledge over the course of a term/school year.
  7. Are they at the expected level for their age group? With Key-Stages, SATS, GCSEs and A-Levels, our kids are measured and tested more than ever, so it's easy to track their progress. The teacher will be able to show you exactly where they stand among their peers.
  8. How much homework should they be getting? With younger children, you'll probably know the answer to this, as you'll help them do it. But for children in high school, you often have to take them at their word that they've done it. Teachers should be able to give you a guide of just how much is set, and expected completion times.
  9. What's my child's attitude to learning?A great question this, as it shows you care about their education and tests how well the teacher knows your child.
  10. Are they on target to get their predicted grade, and what work is outstanding towards this? This is a must-ask question for older pupils with upcoming exams. Their teachers will know where your child's headed, and if they need to do anything more to get the grade they should.

Hopefully, these 10-questions will help you gain valuable insight into your child's progress at school, and make the most of the limited interaction you get with their teacher. Please let us know what response you get from teachers, and feel free to share the questions with your friends.

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