Worthing Birdman Competition
12th August 2010
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If you are stuck for something to do this weekend why not take a wander down to Worthing Pier and watch in awe at The Worthing International Birdman competition. Unfortunately the applications are now closed, so you will not be able to jump yourself...but still, it’s definitely worth a watch! The Worthing Birdman is held on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th August, with flights beginning around 2pm until 4pm on Saturday and 2:50pm to 5pm on Sunday. It’s free to watch and to get the best view in the house take a seat down by the west of the pier where there will be large screens placed to televise the event. Following the competition itself the Worthing Birdman is hosting two extra special events. On the Saturday at 4:30pm Finding Nemo will be screened on a large screen at the East side of the Lido, and Sundays events will be followed by an awards ceremony at 5:30pm on the prom stage, it’s the perfect weekends entertainment.

If you are unsure of what the Worthing International Birdman event entails here is a little insight into what you will see. The event is a competition for human powered flying machines in three different classes. These classes being Leonardo Da Vinci (those self designed crafts), Condor Class (for modified hang gliders) and finally the Kingfisher Class (fun flyers earning money for charity). A special ramp is constructed at the end of Worthing Pier to which only the serious and brave aviators take part for the huge prize of £30,000 if they can reach a flight of over the 100 metre distance.

This year is a special day for the Worthing International Birdman competition, with a famous British ski-jumper guest flyer... Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards! As with many of the flyers Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards is taking part in order to raise money for a special cause, his choice being the children’s medical research charity, Sparks. His aim is to raise £30k for the charity and so for more information visit www.sparks.org.uk or to donate online to help the cause www.justgiving.com/ann-marie-blackman.

For more information on the event itself visit www.worthingbirdman.co.uk

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