World Land Speed Record Attempt Talk with Richard Noble OBE at Worthing Rugby Club
5th August 2011
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Engineering Adventure for the 21st Century

The mission statement of BloodhoundSSC is simple but effective:

Confront the impossible and overcome it using Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics”.

The Bloodhound Project is the World Land Speed Record attempt designed to inspire young people to pursue careers in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The Project launched in October 2008, and aims to inspire, prepare, and motivate the next generation who will be building and living in the low-carbon world.

Andy Green, Richard Noble OBE, and their team at The Project believe we’re at the dawn of a huge new global industrial revolution.

With a chronic shortage of engineers and a banking system suffering from self-inflicted wounds; some might say that Britain is not well placed to take part.

However, to continue Britain’s involvement with the Land Speed Record, the Bloodhound SSC must create the most advanced car we possibly can.

This technology must be shared on the web and via specialist curriculum-valid courses for schools – this is the only way we can inspire a new generation of engineers and meet our objectives.

The World Land Speed Record run site is situated in the Northern Cape province of South Africa – Hakskeen Pan - a 12 mile-long track across a perfectly flat dried-up lake bed.

People from the Worthing area now have the chance to hear about the BloodhoundSSC project firsthand, with a talk from Richard Noble OBE himself.

Set for September 12th at Worthing Rugby Club, the Bloodhound Project talk will be £10 per person, limited to just 150 in total.

Please call 01903 877148 to book your place – all proceeds will go towards to the Bloodhound Project and so will not only be an informative evening, but a chance to support the project.

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