When and Why do I Need An MOT?
20th April 2016
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Alverstone Autos LTD are offering a MOT service for £35 with no re-test charge! 

You may be thinking whether you need an MOT and the reasons for having a MOT... Here is some important information on MOT's that you will find useful. 

An MOT test (Ministry of Transportation Test) is a detailed and thorough examination of your vehicle, which is completed annually. The main objective of the MOT of your car is to ensure that your car is safe, roadworthy and the level of emissions that your exhaust is producing.

Your Car or Van must be examined by MOT every 12 months – This is YOUR responsibility. Well, without an MOT certificate you will be unable to renew the tax for your vehicle and your car will also be difficult to be insured. Not forgetting that it is a legal requirement for you to have an MOT certificate for your vehicle.

The MOT will aim to identify problems on your vehicle that may need immediate attention and repairs before your vehicle is back on the road. Additionally, you may receive ‘advisory items’ from your MOT, this is where you are advised on a potential problem that may need to be checked in the future, before the matter worsens.

With all the important information of a MOT that you need, if it is time for your vehicle to receive an MOT in Worthing – contact Alverstone Autos LTD today and take them up on their fantastic MOT offer. 


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