What causes stress in our pet cats and dogs?
16th October 2012
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What causes stress in our pet cats and dogs? *Featured products – Feliway & Adaptil*

Unfortunately many everyday situations can be stressful for our pets and these can be due to factors in the home and include moving to a new home; building work, redecorating and new furniture; the introduction of a new family member (new baby, new partner, new pet) or having visitors staying in the home.

Factors outside the home such as a car journey for example a trip to the (dreaded!!) vet; encountering aggressive or territorial animals outside the home; a visit to the cattery or kennels; loud noises such as fireworks and thunder storms. Illness and old age can also cause stress to our pets and they can become fearful as they start to lose hearing and eye sight as they age as well as a reduction in mobility due to conditions such as arthritis.

Fortunately in recent years safe and effective products have become available to help us reduce the stress our pets experience. Synthetic versions of the natural dog and cat pheromones have been used by vets, behaviourists and pet owners in a variety of situations with great success.

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