UKh20 - Blog Dump the kettle – boiling water taps are here to stay!
3rd July 2012
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UKh2o Blog Dump the kettle – boiling water taps are here to stay!

The latest must have gadgets in the kitchen are the instant boiling water taps. They are incredibly energy efficient and reduce water wastage. They come as stand alone taps, taps with filtered drinking water or mixer ‘kettle’ taps. 


All designs have safety features on them. They cannot be accidently turned on as safety is paramount with them, in fact you will find that they are safer than using a kettle.


As well as the obvious one of instant tea and coffee, other uses include cooking, blanching vegetables, peeling tomatoes, sterilising bottles, filling hot water bottles and also reducing water wastage. A quick blast of boiling water whilst filling the washing up bowl and you don’t need to throw any of the cold water away.  As more and more of us move over to water meters, this will really help keep energy costs down. 

Energy efficiency

They are all incredibly energy efficient. Quooker’s figures show that it is 58% more energy efficient than boiling a kettle 10 times a day. Costs range from just 3p a day to run.

The Brands

The Quooker is in our opinion the best of the stand alone taps. It comes in 4 different styles & 3 different finishes. The spout pulls up and swivels so you can fill a saucepan safely by placing it on the work surface.  Our one in the showroom is in use all day long and I have one of these at home I was so impressed with it.

The INsinkerator

This comes as a hot tap only or as a hot tap with filtered water on the same tap. This is a lever tap so is useful for people who may have trouble twisting their hands – my mum has arthritis so this is the one we installed in her house. She loves it as they were waiting over a minute for hot water to reach the washing up bowl – now they are not wasting anything. The only real disadvantage is that it drips occasionally and the heater is a bit noisy when it is reheating.

The Mixer taps Two ranges Grohe and Franke 

Grohe developed the mixer kettle tap – hot and cold water on one side with instant boiling water on the other side of the tap. It is a real statement piece – beautiful to look at but the two heating elements take up quite a lot of cupboard space.

Franke three in one kettle tap is similar to the Grohe unit. It is not such a lovely tap but the real plus with this one is the heater is designed flat to fit under the kitchen unit kick back so no cupboard space is used up at all. It is also a lot easier to install then the Grohe tap and our engineers prefer it!

The best way to find out more is to visit our showroom where we have working models for you to try. Come and have a great cup of tea with us instantly!

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