Top Marketing Tips from Jim Cunliffe Facmedia Group
1st June 2012
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Top Tips on marketing your Business...Marketing Guru Jim Cunliffe from Facemedia group gives you his latest  top five tips in Marketing your Business

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How To Choose A Letterhead Design

Choosing a great design for your letterheads is important because it makes a visual statement about your company. It should be viewed with the same importance as business cards, leaflets and billboard posters and similar design techniques should be considered and employed.

Letterhead Paper: How To Choose The Right Style For Your Business

Alongside the design of a letterhead, the other important aspect which business owners should put some thought into is the type of paper on which the letterheads are printed. Whilst this decision should be afforded much less time and weight than the design, it is still an important element to consider. In this article, we look at some of the things to consider.

Leaflets: Different Ways Of Using This Form Of Advertising Successfully

Many successful businesses will use leaflets as part of a clever and well-targeted marketing campaign. There are a number of valuable printing companies which will produce a set of leaflets at a very reasonable price. Once leaflets or flyers have been purchased, designed and delivered, the next stage is to get them noticed by prospective customers.

How To Run A Leafleting Campaign From Start To Finish

The response rate to a leafleting campaign is not especially high. Most estimates put the take up rate at about 1 - 2%, meaning that, for every 100 leaflets which are handed out, 1 or 2 might result in a positive piece of business being generated for the company. Factors such as the price and type of product on offer will affect the precise percentage figures.

Business Marketing: How To Make A Leaflet Stand Out

Used properly, a well-targeted leaflet campaign can be a beneficial marketing tool to advertise the businesses and services of a company. However, it is also a competitive field, with people in bigger towns often receiving tens of leaflets every week. In this article we look at some of the techniques which can be used to make sure your leaflet stands out from the crowd.

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