Three Reasons Why People Fail In Business
8th May 2010
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Some people are struggling and failing whilst others around them flourish and thrive. In my experience there are three reasons why: 

  1. A System of selling, marketing and building a business.
    (key word = system). 
    The business owners without systems are the ones who fail. If you’re advertising and marketing to attract new customers, keep existing ones and sell stuff without a proven reliable system then you’re in trouble. If your marketing is erratic and random, you’re in trouble. If you’re unplanned and not organised, you’re in trouble. The businesses that are forging ahead right now are the ones with systems for selling and marketing what they do. You’d better believe it!

  2. A Support network.
    This includes a continuous diet of useful ‘how-to’ information, coaching by people who have themselves been tested and come through (as opposed to ‘theoretical wannbes, of which there are many!) and access to encouragement and motivation from like-minded, optimistic, forward thinking entrepreneurs. Without any of this stuff, you’re isolated against the negativity of the media and at the mercy of fickle-minded no hopers. How’s your support network?

  3. A productive and profitable personal philosophy…
    …sharpened by reading and studying. The entrepreneurs that are flourishing right now are those who associate and spend time with the confident and the capable. You see, your own personal philosophy will tell you a lot about how well you are likely to weather the storms and unearth hidden treasure.


It ain’t rocket science – but it isn't that common to find either. A productive and profitable personal philosophy , a sound, organised, system of selling and a trustworthy support network. This stuff doesn’t happen by accident or luck. Successful people work (hard) at developing these assets. They strategically assemble them, add to them and nurture them.

 How are you doing?


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