The Road to Fitness - Part 2
30th July 2008
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My first personal training session with Jason at Infinite Fitness was on the 16th July. Jason was patience itself and went out of his way to put me at my ease although that didn't involve letting me off the session! He put me through a number of exercises and stretches over the next hour to ascertain my fitness levels and establish the areas of my body that needed the most work (all?). We then discussed my goal - to lose 5 stone.

By the end of the session Jason had taken me through a whole series of exercises and stretches many of which I could later do at home. The whole thing proved to be far more fun than I imagined and with Jason's coaching I actually exercised properly for an hour rather than what I normally do for an hour in the gym, look at the safety notice board (very important!), check out the fire exits, walk on the treadmill for a couple of minutes. look around while I gather my breath, and generally do anything but the exercising I have come in to do.

The next day Jason emailed me through some exercises that I was supposed to do at least 2 or 3 times a week, together with instructions to walk or ride my bike for half an hour 2 or 3 times a week. He also asked me to keep a food diary over two or three days.

Today I went back to Jason for the second time. The schoolgirl in me hasn't changed - I hadn't done any of my homework. I hadn't kept a food diary; as I was looking for a couple of days where I drank somewhat less so my drinking didn't look too excessive, and also where those days coincided with me eating a completely healthy diet - Days like this just don't exist in my life.

I had done a couple of long walks - broken up by reading the paper on the prom, and I had tried to eat more healthily but overall I had failed this hurdle miserably ('Must try harder', another echo of school reports)

Jason was stoic at my failure. He shrugged and reminded me why I was doing this (real health issues as well as vanity) and urged me to try harder over the next couple of weeks. The personal fitness session was a little tougher this time, concentrating a great deal on stretching my calf muscles, lunges, squats and crunches (lovely!)

So here I am; writing this, fighting of the urge to go and sit in the garden with a cold Pimms.

I am determined to do my exercises this week and my food diary starts tomorrow……. On second thoughts maybe I should have that Pimms today!!

Weight Loss in 2 week - 1lb

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