The Road to Fitness - Part 1
15th July 2008
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'Lose Weight' - These are the words my GP recently uttered to me when I went to see her for a check-up. I know that the GP has a point, I have been piling on the pounds over the past few years and I am now about 5 stone over weight!!! Let me say that again 5 stone!!!!

The problem is that I am a woman with zero will-power when it comes to food; I have a great fondness for alcohol and a morbid fear of exercise. I have therefore decided to go public in this blog with all the trials and tribulations of my weight loss / get fit regime in the hope that this will shame me into keeping on the straight and narrow when the going gets tough. My plan is to report in every couple of weeks or so detailing my activities and (hopefully) pounds lost.

In order to give myself a good start, I have cancelled my membership to the gym that I never attend and booked a taster session with Jason at Infinite Fitness. Jason will I hope give me diet advice that I can stick to (including chocolate, gin and lashings of wine!), and provide me with an exercise regime which will restore my sagging body to its former glory. I then intend to visit Jason every couple of weeks or so to keep the momentum going.

My first issue is what to wear when I go for my taster session. Jason has advised loose comfortable clothing. Unfortunately having just got back from holiday on Sunday where I spent a happy couple of weeks visiting vineyards in the Loire and eating a small mountain of cheese, I don't have a lot of loose clothing to hand. This only serves to make me even more nervous about the whole enterprise.

Anyway - as my non fattening treat for booking a session at the gym I have booked myself a hot stone massage and a facial at Cloud Nine Day Spa. Matt has already been twice and hasn't stopped raving about it so I think it's about time I also gave it a go too.

I'll report back in a couple of weeks or so about my progress.

Weight Loss to Date - 0 lbs

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