The Effect Testimonials Can Have on Your Business
5th July 2011
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thebestofworthing's very own Melanie Peters shares with us a success story of using thebestofworthing....




Melanie has used the same father, son garage for over 16 years and wouldn't trust anyone else with her car. After visiting Alverstone Autos on a drop in meeting, and finding out that they had well over 100 testimonials (which continue to grow) Melanie was impressed with the level of service they offer their customers.

Melanie then bumped into them once again at a networking event in Worthing and spoke to them about the high amount of testimonials they had received. The customer response had said it all and Melanie had faith in the testimonials and decided to go ahead and use Alverstone Autos for her MOT. They offered a friendly, affordable and efficient service, everything the testimonials had said!

Here is one situation where us visiting and vetting businesses means that you can trust the companies we have on our website. If you are looking for a business but are not sure where to turn make sure you check our directory first!


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If you are a business testimonials are a great way to make you stand out from the crowd. We know from experience how important word of mouth can be and we want you to understand the importance testimonials.

Customers have never been as cynical and sceptical as they are today. With hundreds of adverts and marketing messages battling for attention every hour, consumers simply don’t know whether your marketing message is hype and sales blurb, or whether it’s honest and genuine. This scepticism comes from experience.

Scepticism is the reason why testimonials are one of the most powerful and effective weapons you have, and why you simply can’t afford to underestimate them. People expect you to say wonderful things about your own products and services. This may come as a shock to you but people won’t always believe what you say about your own business!

This is why testimonials are such a integral part of your marketing. When your customers say it for you people are much more trusting, and they are much more likely to engage with and believe what they hear. What others say about you is TEN TIMES more powerful than what you say about yourself.

So start gathering customer feedback and shout about why you are the best!

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