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26th October 2012
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Occasionally a product comes on the market that takes the beauty industry by storm. The recent explosion of the BB cream is a great example of this, with most of the major cosmetic companies launching their own version. All of us here at Euphoric love them!

So where did BB creams come from?

BB creams were developed by a German dermatologist, Dr Christine Schrammek, in the 1950’s. They were created to protect the skin after laser treatments and their primary aim was to nourish the skin. This is reflected in most of the BB creams on the market today.

What exactly is a BB cream?

BB stands for Blemish Balm and although different brands do vary considerably, they tend to be marketed as an ‘all-in-one’ product. A typical BB cream acts as a foundation, moisturiser and sometimes an SPF, although the level of protection does vary considerably between brands. They’re usually only available in one or two shades, self-adjusting to the wearer’s skin tone.

The coverage and finish also varies greatly between brands. Some brands focus mainly on skincare benefits where products offer very little colour or coverage. The majority give skin a dewy luminosity, although some brands are more matte. Generally the finish tends to be sheer and light.

Euphoric’s Glow Time by Jane Iredale offers much fuller coverage than most other BB creams while still looking natural.

What sets BB creams apart from tinted moisturisers and traditional foundations is their array of skincare benefits. They’re enriched with everything from tea extracts and antioxidants to snake venom! Botanical extracts, such as grapefruit and apple, as contained in Jane Iredale’sGlow Time, are particularly effective as they have a firming effect and brighten the complexion.

Professional-only brands of BB cream tend to contain purer, more natural ingredients than those found on the high street.


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