Reasons to have a carpet in your living room
31st August 2016
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A lot of different carpets are now available in the market and more people are starting to choose carpets than traditional hardwood floors or tiles for their living room. If you’re still not on board on carpeted- living- room trend, here are the reasons why you should be.

Carpets give an instant ‘face- lift’ to your living room

Carpets that have intricate designs can revitalise your boring living room into a brand new room. It can add decoration with minimal effort and the carpet will do all the work for you. It can complement your existing decor or the focal point of your living room. The choice is up to you.

Adds sophistication

It’s unusual for luxury hotels not to have carpet floorings. That’s the beauty of carpet; it can instantly add elegance to your living room without the need to purchase expensive furniture. You can be sophisticated and elegant without breaking the bank.

Easier maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning carpets are much easier than cleaning hardwood or tiled floors especially if you have pets at home. Normally, a vacuum is all you need to clean your carpet unlike hardwood floors where you need to sweep and mop to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned. If you’re thinking about the stain, a lot of carpet cleaner solutions are now available in the market so you won’t have to worry about stains as long as you have treated it immediately.

Carpets are great with children and seniors

Carpets can serve as a cushion that can break a child’s fall thus preventing serious injury. This can also be an aid to seniors who become weaker as they old so a soft flooring can be really helpful.

Cheaper cost

Installing a good quality carpet is much cheaper than installing hardwood to your living room. Even though there are expensive varieties of carpet, the overall cost is still cheaper than having hardwood floors in the living room.

Also, to have the best carpet and installation quality, contact only the professionals such as Wall Bros. they have been installing carpets and other flooring needs since 1954 so you can be rest assured that their work is one of the best in the market. 

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