Memoir Writing with Heather Dellar
28th July 2011
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You Talk, I’ll Write…



The process of setting a life story down in words can be a rewarding but emotional one; looking back on a lifetime of memories can be a very therapeutic but also a traumatic experience.

Luckily, people living in and around Worthing who are looking to pen down their journey of self-discovery can now turn to Heather Dellar for support and assistance.

Having moved to Worthing from South Africa, Heather decided to help others to capture their memories after finding there were members of her own family who needed help with telling their story.

Speaking to the Worthing Herald recently, Heather said: “A lot of people might think that no-one cares about what they have done, but I think that everyone has done something surprising that’s worth writing about”.

After a traumatic incident in South Africa, Heather Dellar made the move to be near her family in West Sussex, and now runs a personal computer training business in Worthing, as well Oomph Estates – a comprehensive property selling and letting agency.

It is a love of helping others that lead to Heather entering the world of memoir writing; one of her biggest regrets is never capturing the life and memories of her late husband, who had many adventures that deserved to be retold.

Heather added that now her father has reached the age of 88, “he has lots of anecdotes and he has some wonderful memories but no short-term memory.

His hands are now too shaky to write and, sadly, he does not have the concentration to finish things, so a memoir is something that would be a legacy for the family”.

With affordable hourly rates, memoir writing with Heather can be a fantastic gift for a loved one that will surpass any material possessions; ensure that memories, photos, recipes, and anecdotes are never forgotten.



If you feel that you would like to ensure that your memories are preserved, or if you know of someone who could benefit from the therapeutic experience of having somebody new to talk to, contact Heather today on 07546 289325 or

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