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4th July 2011
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Keep taking the tablets


It took us ages to get the hang of "PCs". We had to use "Windows" which didn't let you see into them and we had to learn to click things with mice, which weren't really rodents at all.


And just when started to get used to them, they started talking about tablets - not the ones we're used to in tamper-proof jars, these don't need mice or those typewriter thingys. But, they said, they don't have Windows either (well, some do) most are Apples while some have "Android" which sounds like something you can get cream for.


Confused? No need to be, here's Claire's quick guide.


The tablet market is dominated by the Ipad, now in version 2. There are very good reasons why this genre-defining device has such a huge market share, but there are some very good competitors out there running Google's Android system.


But - and this is the important bit – do I need one? Well, if you’ve already got a portable PC or laptop, probably not, but you might want to consider one when you it’s time to replace it. If you have a desktop, but occasionally need to access the web somewhere else, or to make notes or read an e-book, tablets are a great solution and I’m sure that they can only grow in popularity. Best of all, the grandchildren will be very impressed.


Claire Love is the Managing Director of West Sussex LWS Creative – a web, graphic design, training and marketing company.


Contact Claire on 01903 790100, visit their feature by clicking here or email info@lwscreative.co.uk


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