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22nd October 2012
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Read the latest blog form Eco-Innovations Worthing and find out how you can save money on your electircity bill. 

We are all being affected by the energy companies and their constant price increases but little changes can help your electricity bill decrease not increase. Energy saving light bulbs had a bit of a bad rap in the past.

The complaints of earlier models being too slow to light up or too costly are still around, even though the advances in technology have addressed these earlier issues. Incandescent bulbs are out and so the development of LED lighting as an option is a ‘right time right place’ scenario.

LED’s have several benefits including: Dimmable options available Selection of colours Selection of shapes sizes Bayonets and screw in available Longer lasting Energy efficient If you can’t believe how one little light bulb could save you money then this great fact from ‘plugintothesun’ puts it into perspective:

‘If every Household in the UK replaced an ordinary bulb with an energy efficient one, we would save enough energy to cook 244.000,000,000 pieces of toast – enough to stretch around the work 915 times.’

There online store supplies various options for your lighting needs and if you need advice on which is the right replacement energy saving light bulb for you, contact us or pay a visit to it’s never too late to save money!

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