Is Worthing Really Going Downhill?
26th November 2013
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You're reading this so it probably means that you spend a fair bit of time online browsing the web, checking Facebook and perhaps Twitter or similar sites.

I do too and it's a great way to see quickly what's going on in my town and to catch up with friends and clients. 

But I have noticed a fairly new and strange phenomenon just lately. 

It seems that almost every time somebody posts something about Worthing people rush to complain, moan or generally run the place down. I'm seeing so many things like "what do the council ever do for their money" or "the best thing about Worthing is leaving it". 

Now I know sometimes people are just joking but it got me thinking - is Worthing really that good or bad?

It has to be said that the recession hit Worthing pretty hard and the evidence can still be seen in the amount of empty shops and offices around town, but surely that's the case nearly everywhere. 

There's no University here so Worthing has never quite had the young vibe of somewhere like Brighton but that seems to be changing and the town is getting well known for some top notch media companies and a budding art scene.

There has been some major investment in the town too. Look at the improvements to the seafront area at Splash Point, the new £18m leisure complex there, David Lloyd in Durrington, numerous children's parks with renewed equipment and major works to school buildings. And that's not to mention property!

A flat in Vista Mare on Marine Parade will set you back a cool £1m and more millions have been invested into the Waterfront site in Eirene Road, West Worthing. Property developers don't make investment without careful research and they seem to think Worthing has great potential.

So yes, it isn't as cool as Brighton, as cutting edge as London or as pretty as Chichester but tucked between the green South Downs and the (occasionally) blue sea Worthing offers so much, especially for families. So let’s not run it down - I'd love the world to know all the great stuff about this not quite perfect town of ours.

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