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12th June 2015
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What I like about Worthing is that there are many successful people here.  It isn’t just about being financially successful as sometimes people who are hugely successful in terms of financial gain, aren’t always the happiest, although many would agree that financial success helps, it isn’t always the answer.


People say the most important thing in the world is your health and I like to gauge success in terms of having a healthy, happy balanced lifestyle.  Gaining a happy, healthy balanced lifestyle takes self-awareness, discipline, perseverance, lifestyle changes and commitment.


As an example when I was working as a practice nurse, holding down a successful career I was unsuccessful in life, overworked, overweight, smoking, stressed and drinking excessively, and constantly exhausted, trying to manage a family and home with 3 children. 


Gaining balance is about going back to basics, it really isn’t rocket science.  Slow down, prioritise, have fun, eat fresh, healthy, simple, non-processed foods, sat down at a table.  Drink plenty of water, take the rest you need, at least 7 hours a nights’ sleep.  Talk about your feelings and emotions.  And finally and in my opinion, most importantly, be authentic and respect yourself, as well as others.


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