Finch Lynton - Proud to be Founding Members of PROBIZ
1st July 2011
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As we have previously proclaimed, we are proud to be founder members of PROBIZ, a group of over 250 independent accountancy firms who have access to leading tax planning solutions and business advisory solutions.

This means our accountancy firm can provide you with a significant range of added-value solutions ranging from general accountancy to wealth creation and wealth management opportunities.

Notably, we have access to a range of tax planning solutions with leading QC opinions with intent to help clients reduce their tax liability.

Similarly, we can offer options to help clients to access pension contributions earlier than a set age. Whilst we don't specifically offer such advice, we have been provided with relevant due diligence to suggest our clients should consider looking at such options.

More and more business people are looking for a proactive accountant and we pride ourselves on being proactive. We are building our practice around our clients' wishes, which is for their accountant to seek opportunities for the client's welfare.

Therefore, we want to be considered as an accountant who does more than crunch the numbers. As proud members of PROBIZ we, unlike your normal stereotype accountant, offer you a lot more than just compliance services.

Due to both tax-based planning and non tax-based business solutions, more and more high-profile business and sports persons are changing to a PROBIZ accountant.

Now credible sports clubs are officially partnering with PROBIZ as such clubs feel safe to be associated with 250+ independent accountancy firms who are all performing their own levels of due diligence on solutions applicable to clients.

Our team of experienced professionals are on hand to offer specialist advice across a wide range of business disciplines and we provide frequent events and meetings to discuss how the tax planning, pension planning, EIS investment and business solutions can best help you.

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