Extra Cover Sri Lanka - Sponsored Charity Walk
3rd August 2011
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Extra Cover Sponsored Charity Walk


A bit of history...


In December 2004 Matthews son was on a cricket tour in Sri Lanka and played at Galle Stadium on the 22nd December, he came home the next day. On the 26th December he woke to see pictures of the stadium being destroyed by the Tsunami, his hotel had been wiped out. 


Matthews family were shocked by it all and became determined to help in an area that his son had truly loved visiting. Four weeks later he travelled out to Sri Lanka to see for himself how to help. It was a very emotional few days, but he came home determined to help by raising money to build housing and help children at schools with games, stationary, music etc. etc.


He returned and set up a charity with his sons school called Extra Cover, with the aim being to help build 1 or 2 houses for Tsunami victims. Extra Cover grew and went further than what they ever could have dreamed of building 40 houses, helping 2 schools and an orphanage by building wells, giving them food etc.


Today they concentrate on helping seven schools inland from the tsunami affected areas. They also provide:


  • 350 children with a meal every school day of the year,
  • 100 of the poorest children with monthly food packs to take home (enough dall, milk powder, soya, dried veg, sugar, soap, toothpaste,  sometimes underwear, for a month),
  • Provide stationary, books, games, cricket bats, tennis balls etc. to each school,
  • Build wells with storage tanks
  • Build toilets 


This year they built a small pre-school for 25 children, and have just started giving some of the children's unemployed parents the chance to start a business. They delivered to 7 families 1000 tea plants each to start their own Tea growing business, supplied them with the correct fertiliser each month and have an adviser available to them to make sure they have the best chance of success, after 18 months they will have mature plants and should make a good income, at which point they pay us 10% of their income, that they in turn invest in other families in the area.


August Charity Walk Information...


This fantastic charity runs on less than 10% of donations, considerably less than most larger charities. Therefore this August bank holiday you may be relaxing and enjoying yourself, but if you do have an odd free moment think of Sean, Dave Parsons, Carl Lamerton and Matthew Hansford who will be walking from Eastbourne to Winchester along the South Downs Way.


This 101 mile walk (which should take nine days, but they are doing in three!) will take place over the August bank holiday weekend. You may think that they have lost their mind and that it is hardship to walk 101 miles in three days but these Sri Lankan children have endured more physical hardships in their young lives than most of us ever well. Because of the support given to Extra Cover they are now able to help over 350 children every day. 


Your donations can help:


£5 - buys textbooks for a whole class or shoes for a child

£20 - pays for a day's breakfast for an entire school

£50 - feeds a child for a year

£250 - covers the cost of building a new toilet

£500 - pays for a well

£5000 - Extra Cover can build a new school


So please support them in their blister-inducing venture and give generously, the money you donate goes a long long way (with less than 5% being using for expences).


To donate please:

Click here for options including donating by card or PayPal.

Call or text  07939502856

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