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21st May 2012
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“Every person in the world should use Vitamin A on their skin every single day” says Dr Des Fernandes, the sixth top plastic surgeon in the world, creator of the scarless facelift and creator of Environ skincare.

Here are some milestones in the world of Vitamin A:

1954 - The first time a wrinkle was removed with Vitamin A (in its storage form - the cosmetic version). It was ignored!!!

1985 - The first time a wrinkle was reduced by retinoic acid (medical version). The world press exploded with news of the breakthrough.

1959 - Solar Keratosis was treated with retinoic acid. The medical world ignored the evidence that photo ageing was treated.

1976 - The first time Dr Des Fernandes used retinoic acid for acne and scars. He noticed patients got beautiful skin.

1985/86 - The first time Des read that enzymes changed the cosmetic version of Vitamin A to the medical version (the version that works on DNA). Our skin is doing this constantly.

1988 - The first time a cosmetic product was used for photo ageing. Vitamin A had been in creams previously but not at a concentration that gives results.

Environ was born!

So let’s look at what Environ actually is. Read the FULL blog here 

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