Different Styles of Brochure that You Can Have Printed by Kenads
10th April 2017
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Kenads Printers of Worthing are expert brochure printers with a wide range of print options available from sales brochures to company newsletters. Kenads products and services cover all aspects of design, print and marketing, taking an original idea through to the finished product.

Kenads Printers, print, design and marketing, are structured to support any business, helping clients to identify a solid print solution and that fits their budget and is very cost effective, and improves the quality. They guarantee to deliver high-quality print, provide excellent service and very good value. They even provide a quick turnaround for customers with urgent print requirements.

Professional Brochures for Professional Marketing,

A4, A5, A 6 and custom sized beautifully printed brochures that will underwrite your marketing professionalism.

Printed Brochures are a very valuable way to boost a business providing they are ‘high impact’, therefore it is vital that they look and feel fit for purpose. Kenads top quality brochures, in silk, gloss or matt finish are an inexpensive and highly cost effective way to give customers a rapid appraisal of developments, products and Company. In addition, Company Newsletters are used to inform staff, and broadcast the message about Corporate policy and developments. Brochures are often regarded as more corporate than booklets but the names are frequently interchangeable. Brochures are not always bound, they can be created from a single sheet and folded into bi-folds, tri-folds, z-folds and custom folds.

Folded Brochures, are produced by professionals using state of the art equipment to facilitate accuracy of the printing and correct layout to impress one’s clients, they are precision machine folded.

Sales brochures are so important in providing a snap-shot of data for rapid assimilation. Brochures are often used by sales staff and service personnel as additional reference material adding detail regarding the company, product range, special offers, or new service. Kenads print a large range of brochures and booklets for a wide variety of clients who sell all over the world.

Brochure ranges at Kenads, they print a complete range of brochures for businesses across Sussex who market their products and services to a diverse audience. They are available in different sizes and custom sizes such as the more contemporary square booklets.

Kenads Printers of Worthing are the Premier Brochure Printers in Sussex and are highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

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