CSR for SMEs – How links to a charity can boost your revenue
6th August 2013
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The principle of CSR marketing is that consumers’ expectations of companies have changed: people want their brands to act in a responsible way to society and they want to know how they’re doing it.

Consumers want to know that their clothes come through reputable factories – not nasty sweat shops; that their gas company is environmentally conscientious and is giving back to the land that it reaps from, and so on and so on. In fact, the principle is transferrable to just about every industry.

Just think: someone has a water leak and searches on google “best plumbers in [insert local town here]”. The three standout plumbers all leap straight off the page; they’re all got 5/5 customers recommendations, they’re all competitively priced and they all guarantee a 24 hr response-time. It’s hard to choose. And if you’re one of the plumbers you risk missing out on business because the customer might choose one of the others at random.

But the plumber with the warm CSR message wins the business 10/10 times! ....all it can take is a simple message saying “we are proud sponsors of so and so charity” or “last year we donated X amount”. Suddenly a business is not only about profit and loss; its about care, community spirit, and giving something back.


Got you thinking... So what now?

asphaleia action – a young person’s charity – is hosting a Charity Ball at The Grand, Brighton this October. The night is aimed at raising the profile of asphaleia’s action important work and fundraising so it can continue to support our community’s most vulnerable children.

They are looking for Charity Ball sponsors from local businesses. And in return they will organise innovative and powerful ways for your CSR commitment to be translated to your customers. For example:

  • Professional Film makers – Dark Black Digital – will be capturing the evening’s fun on camera. All sponsors will be given this footage to use as content for their website. It’s content like that that will separate you apart from your competitors.

  • asphaleia’s action insignia will be yours to use in your emails correspondence for one year

  • We will tweet about your generous support weekly, generating you followers and enhancing your reputation.


Sponsorship opportunities come in a variety of packages and have different returns. They start at the top – headline sponsors, costing £2,000 (including a table of 10 at the event) – and drop to as little as £325.

This is a genuinely powerful marketing strategy. And all for excellent value for money. Plus, YOU will be giving something back to the community! And asphaleia action will use your funds wisely.

If you would like to learn more about this, please get in touch with Craig Ryder on 01903 228094 or craig@boostconsultancy.co.uk

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