Claire Love at LWS Creative Knows The Best Ways to Get Your Business Notices
6th September 2011
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Claire Love at LWS Creative knows the best ways to get your website noticed




When you’re searching for something on the web, do you ever look beyond the first page of results? Honestly? It’s ok, you’re not alone - barely anyone does. This isn’t great news if you have a website. So how can you ensure it appears on the first results page and - even better - at the top of the page?


There are two ways - search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.


First you can take the natural SEO route. If you want your website to appear naturally on page one and high in the rankings, your  site needs to be as search engine-friendly as possible. You can do this by having the keywords and phrases that define your business embedded in the text, page titles and links to, and from, your site. The search engines will score your site on content relevance and quality and rank it accordingly.


Or you can pay to be there. With PPC advertising you choose the search terms by which you want to be found, and bid a maximum amount you’re prepared to pay if a potential customer clicks on your listing through to your site. In return, the search engines place the highest bidders in the shaded box at the top of a results page, and down the right hand side.


Both methods require keyword research to understand which words and terms your target audience uses when they’re searching for the type of product or service you offer. Once you’ve identified those you can start to incorporate into the content of your website – for natural SEO – and/or decide whether you want to pay to appear against them – PPC advertising.


It’s not difficult to get to grips with both natural SEO and PPC - and there’s plenty of material out there to help you. You could even consider taking a short course to give you a kick start. But if it’s not for you, or you simply don’t have time to spare, it can be best to turn to an expert.


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