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10th November 2010
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Martin from A&A Travel gives us a little insight into the company and tells you why they are the best and why you should book them for your Christmas party.

A&A Travel are a Minibus company formed by a taxi company about 15 years ago. They then decided to separate from the taxis to become independent. As a local company to Worthing and the surrounding area A&A Travel know the difficulty in transporting your staff and colleagues to and from their Christmas Venue.

They operate both 16 and 21 seat minibuses and even mini coaches accommodating for most things from large groups travelling to the same place to smaller groups who want the fun to begin as soon as they pick them up.

The vehicles can be booked with multiple pickup and drop off points or just to and from an agreed location, they will do their best to accommodate your needs in the festive season.


I, Martin am an ex coach driver with experience of driving coaches all over Europe. I worked on anything from days out to week holidays and express runs throughout the country.

The company was purchased in 2004 with a few old vehicles. We decided immediately that the only way forward was to purchase newer vehicles. Since then we have continuously updated the fleet (and will continue to for a while yet) so that you can travel in style and comfort.

I left the coaching industry and went trucking for around 5 years mainly staying away for a week at a time doing long haul trips throughout the UK. As life in the fast lane began getting slower I felt that I needed another challenge.

A and A travel was for sale and with a little thought and discussion I decided to venture into the Minibus / Mini Coach industry for myself!

The first challenge was to clean the vehicles as this was to be our best advert in the local area. Not only that but it was a must for my own self esteem! I try hard to keep the vehicles in a clean and presentable condition.

I then decided that the office was the first point of contact for any potential customer and this is where Michele plays a vital part in the everyday running and the tedious amounts of paperwork we have to complete. Michele was employed in a local shop where her skills went un noticed. this is when we decided to close the office and run the business in house making for a more family style venture. Michele manages the drivers and deals with the customers on the phone and generates the invoices keeping the paperwork up to date.

With very little to run a company on than just a couple of contracts; which gave little reward for the input needed, we decided to open the book for more private hire and corporate journeys, even dipping my toe into the organized day trips and Sunday outings.

The day trips were a loss leader and the Sunday trips dwindled away in the end as did the office we had at the lido all due to keeping the overheads low so as to remain competitive.

We now operate a range of vehicles for the individual from basic minibuses to luxury minicoaches

We recently put Nick through his PCV License which allows us to have a little more flexibility with some of the work we do especially at busy times

I am looking at buying another 16 seat minicoach after Christmas and later next year will be looking at buying a 35 seat Minicoach.

This has been a learning curve in my life and I will continue to learn all the time with legislation changing daily. The aim of our commitment to our customers is word of mouth. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer and in turn our customers recommend us to their friends giving us more business.

We have a regular contract with the Goodwood estate doing Race Starts. This is becoming increasingly popular all the time giving us a prescience in a location we are proud to be in.

We also have many links to other local companies in the area and will try and use the local businesses community for any business needs.


For more information on A&A Travel click here


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