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2nd July 2014
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If you ever needed an escape from the city, or if you ever just wanted that little piece of quiet every once in a while, Worthing is the place. The atmosphere of the place enriches your senses and allows you to feel close to the sea. Forget the cities like London and New York, I mean yes they are great for a little while but imagine spending your whole life surrounded by traffic and people rushing but Worthing offers you comfort. When the sun shines it lightens the place up and as the people of the town flood the place you can see the town really come to life. Even when it rains it still has life to the town, the sea is rough as the waves crash to the shore, some stay in while some go out and envelope themselves within the storm. I've lived in Worthing for 12 years and not once have I doubted living here. The crowd of people you are raised with really shows you a different view on your life, the surroundings that you live within make you feel at one with nature and the ocean. It makes myself feel... home.

You can capture a memory and save it within a picture and post it online to show others what they are missing out on, TheBestOfWorthing is able to do that. There instagram page really captures the true beauty of the town, it unmasks it and sets it off for an adventure for the rest to see. I have not only learnt the way of work during my Work Experiance with TheBestOfWorthing, I have learnt a completly different perspective on the town I come from and how people this Melanie Peters really put in the time and effort into making this town what it is an what it will inspire to be.

Don't think that living in the city is the better place to be. When you live in somewhere like this you will experiance the fact of having the coastline right at your fingertips, you will learn to appreciate things more, instead of just relying on the city to just give you want you want at a blink of an eye...


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