Balik Spa Hit Back Over Fish Pedicure Health Risk Claims
25th October 2011
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We’re sure that you have all been hearing a lot of stories in the news recently about the craze of fish pedicures and the health risks attached. We really don't agree with the hysteria the media have caused and the fact that many independent businesses have been affected by the stories and the portrayal of the topic in hand.


For those of you who have read the news and are worried about the treatment the team at Balik Spa in Worthing have been fighting back and highlighting evidence which disagrees with the claims.


We went to speak with our newest member Balik Spa who pointed us in the direction of an NHS article reporting on the investigation into fish pedicures and it was an interesting read! (If you would like to read the full article click here).


Although the headlines may have been harsh and to the point in fact the article mentioned that it is only those with weak immune systems and health issues who should avoid the treatments. The risk was described as 'extremely low' and would not be an issue in locations where health and hygiene procedures were put into place.


With every customer being checked before entering the water at Balik Spa and the water being both filtered and changed every day strict hygiene rules are followed at all times. The team are extremely friendly and highly professional, ensuring that standards are maintained at all times.


So why not book into Balik Spa and give a fish pedicure a try!

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