20 years of Serving the Community
13th January 2011
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It is 20 years since a lady called Jean had a vision asking her to go on to the streets of Worthing and help the homeless of Worthing.  From that small seed Worthing Churches Homeless Projects has grown to what it is today with a day centre and 4 hostels.

Every year we help 450 homeless or insecurely housed individuals, getting them off the streets of Worthing, helping to make it a nicer place to live.

But what is the one thing I would change if I had the chance.....  Well it is people's perception of homeless people.  I have worked for the charity for four and  half years and I have yet to meet someone who chooses to be homeless.  They are all there because something has happened in their lives which has caused them to end up there.  Some have suffered traumas, some are ill, but please try and understand that they do not want to be having to live by charity or sleeping out every night in the cold, wet and danger.

Why not try it for one night?  Join us on our annual sponsored Sleepout on Saturday 29 January.  We will be sleeping out in a secure playground with access to toilets - not quite what our clients have to face, but it can still be very hard.  The cold, the wet, the noise, just try it.  Registration forms are available to down load from our website www.wchp.org.uk, or by calling the office on 01903 227829.


Click here to see our fundraising events and to register for the sleepout.

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