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Suzanne Hazelton
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Hometown: Woking
With my partner Angus Lyon, we run Johnson Fellowes Ltd. We're business growth specialists. I describe myself as a "people-ologist". I'm a leadership coach and positive psychologist. I work with the people in business, from teams to leaders. I'm qualified in a number of areas, from a master's degee in Positive Psychology, I have psychotherapy training and I'm a master practitioner in NLP. I've written 2.1 books (2 whole books, and I've contributed a chapter to a third).

I've worked with people in businesses of ALL shapes and sizes - I spent 15 years within IBM, and delivered leadership coaching and training - more recently I've worked with the charity Guide Dogs, and a range of smaller and medium sized businesses.

If you want to THRIVE, to develop your leadership skills in the context of business - then I'm your gal!

If you're a business owner - you might want to have a chat with my partner - Angus Lyon