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My son is now nine. He is a very sensitive child and not a child that fits into "That Box". Although, we have now found a great school for him, it has been a rocky ride to get there with shattered confidence and self esteem not helped by a previous school who wanted to "label him"! We met Gaynor in October 2015. Henry was having serious focus, frustration and concentration issues at school due to massive low self esteem and confidence. This low self esteem was also causing him problems with his peer group at school. Henry had put a firmly closed steel shutter in place, and had informed me that he would rather not try at all than try and risk failure. Heartbreaking and worrying from your child. He would walk into school and literally "shrink" . Gaynor has worked absolute marvels on him. Having only had two sessions with Gaynor, two teachers at his school asked me independently of one another what we were doing with Henry, and to keep it up as the improvement in his work was almost overnight and startling - they were completely astounded. Henry has now had seven sessions with Gaynor. He improves on an almost daily basis. He is now a very popular boy in his school with no peer problems, he recently ran for his school in the ISA cross country competition, and is showing massive confidence in his school stage productions. The steel shutter has disappeared, his self esteem and confidence have risen and are still rising. Almost every week, he gets all his spellings correct, and he is starting to realise if he doesn't panic he can even do maths!! All this has taken is a monthly session with Gaynor and for me to carry out for five minutes each day some very simply, but clearly, very effective exercises, and thats it! I can not recommend this therapy highly enough. It has been an absolute godsend for us.
Both my boys are seeing Gaynor, and I have seen such big improvements in them over the last 4 months. They are more confident, have fewer anxiety related behaviours and feel more able to focus at school. Gaynor is very professional, she works hard to find the right movements for each child and she is very patient with them.
I took my son to see Gaynor after his teachers all consistently said that his written work didn't reflect his ability. So the aim of using RMT was twofold: A) to help him naturally have legible writing and B) make the process of getting his ideas down on paper easier. He feels that RMT has helped with both and my observation is that he now naturally holds a pen properly, which he was totally resistant to doing previously, and his writing is now easier to read. RMT is a gentle process but one that can have profound results and Gaynor has a lovely, and encouraging manner. It is a good technique that works with our body's natural instinct to get into balance using easy movements to achieve results.
I have suffered with depression for most of my adult life and I first attended Ralls Rhythmic Movement seeking extra support when I was being weaned off antidepressants by my doctor. After only three appointments, Gaynor's treatment has made a huge difference to my life. She quickly identified the specific reflexes I needed to work on and for the first time ever, I now understand the root cause of my depression. The clarity she gave me into my condition has been incredibly helpful and the fact that it allows me to remain free of medication is truly priceless to me. The simple movements and routines she has taught me have brought huge relief to my symptoms and I have seen dramatic reductions in stress, irritability, anger, sleep problems, weepiness and many other symptoms. Gaynor combines compassion and warmth with expertise and professionalism and is an incredibly effective practitioner of this wonderful therapy. As a teacher with almost twenty years experience, I am so impressed with the results of this treatment that I am considering retraining in this area myself - its potential for treating the huge range of learning difficulties I see in students every day is incredibly exciting, not to mention its effectiveness as a safe treatment for depression. I would highly recommend Ralls Rhythmic Movement to anyone suffering as I was with depression and anxiety.
Ralls Rhythmic Movement has made a big difference to the quality of our family life. I've seen a huge change in both my children in a short space of time. I can't thank Gaynor enough for her professionalism and encouragement. Her passion to see lives of children and families changed is infectious!
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