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Ralls Rhythmic Movement offers movement based, educational therapy that aims to help both children and adults deal with a variety of issues, including learning difficulties, coordination issues, confidence issues and anxiety related disorders.

Is your child struggling to cope with day to day activities?
Not performing to the best of their ability?
Has difficulty controlling their emotions or are lacking in confidence?

If this sounds familiar, especially if you have already tried alternative therapy options with little or no result, consider the long-term, healing benefits of Rhythmic Movement Training.


Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) is a drug free approach. It is a reflex integration program, which is firmly rooted in our natural programming for development.  Initially developed in Sweden, news of this technique has steadily spread and it is now practised in a number of countries around the world.  The aim of RMT is to get to the root cause of symptoms and allow change to take place by working with the foundation stones of our being. Building a stronger, more efficient brain structure, naturally.

Long-term, natural change

It is believed that RMT helps to stimulate neurological development and strengthen existing, neural connections in the brain, as well as helping to create new pathways.  It is based on the repetitive movement patterns that babies make when they are developing the skills they require to make the transition from a helpless baby to a child who is able to sit, stand, walk etc.  That said, RMT can enhance a person’s natural development, whatever their age or ability, the way nature intended.



Gaynor Ralls set up Ralls Rhythmic Movement in 2013, after she experienced first-hand the fabulous way in which RMT helped her own son, who has dyspraxia.  Having explored other avenues, Gaynor discovered RMT when looking for alternative ways in which to help him.  More importantly, it helped her to understand the roots of the challenges he faced.  The therapy worked so well that she decided to train as a Certified Provider herself.  As a teacher, RMT answered a lot of questions for her, professionally, too.

Gaynor is eager to point out that this is not a quick fix solution, and takes time.  A number of sessions are usually required over several months, with parents/clients taught simple movements/exercises they can do at home on a daily basis.

The movements Gaynor teaches work on stimulating new networks, and strengthening existing ones, in the brain.  Parents say, “it just makes so much sense” when they sit down and talk about RMT and how and why it works.  She knows that parents, like her, do not want coping strategies; they want answers about why their child might be struggling, or lacking in confidence - and they want to know if anything can be done to change the current status quo.  With reflex integration, it is possible to change things, naturally.


Gaynor has made a positive and tangible difference to the lives of so many children and their families – here are just a few of the fabulous comments she has received…….

“Our son has made so much progress in the year that we have been coming to you.  We can’t thank you enough.  He is more confident.  He walks differently, holds himself differently.  He has caught up with his peers, and started to overtake them in some areas.  The differences are too numerous to mention.  He has had the first positive school report he has ever had, because of the changes in him, as a result of RMT.”

“Gaynor is a caring, patient professional.  With her teaching background, your child is immediately at ease with her.  Within a few months of RMT, we could see the difference in our son’s coordination and posture.  Thank you.”

“Our daughter’s meltdowns stopped within one week of starting with RMT.  There have been so many changes in her over the last month we can’t quite believe it!  The family dynamic at home, has utterly changed.  We are so glad, that we found you.  We can’t wait to see what happens next!”

“Nothing else has worked for our daughter.  We can’t believe how well she is doing.  The effectiveness of RMT needs to be shouted from the rooftops!”


If you would like to discuss how RMT could benefit your child or a loved one, contact Gaynor at Ralls Rhythmic Movement today or for more information please visit her website.

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