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Nell's passion for helping businesses to succeed, is second to none. I highly recommend her as a Business Coach. She is enthusiastic and really supportive. I am so glad that I have signed up with her. I am learning so much!
The ActionCOACH service is not what's important here, it is the way it is delivered, encouraged and supported. Nell does this amazingly. She is the most inspirational coach I have had the pleasure and benefit of meeting - full of energy, skill, experience, compassion and fear (when needed!). Since working with Nell, I have started the journey I always thought I was on… planning and organising (properly) and getting results. The focus is on progression, not perfection. If I summed-up Nell's support to me and my business in one word, it is EFFECTIVE. Thanks Nell.
I have used Nell as my business coach for over 5 years and would not be without her. Using a coach as an integral part of your business helps me keep focused, on track and grow my business in a steady and systematic way. Running a team can be a lonely place at times and problems within the business, be that staff or clients, can be discussed freely and constructively. Without the support and enthusiasm of Nell I may well have thrown in the towel years ago.
Nell is just fantastic as an Action Coach Business Coach, I've watched many businesses go from start ups to thriving and expanding businesses through her Group coaching sessions and seen existing businesses improve their cash flow and profitability and take on extra staff as part of her Growth club. I've benefited from her One to one coaching as well and she really knows her stuff. If you are in business and your business is running you more than you are running it then I recommend you give her a call.
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