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I was very poorly over Christmas and required Antibiotics. Six weeks later, when I wasn’t recovering I felt very low. A good friend of mine, Amanda Keeling, recommended some Arbonne food supplements that might help me. I was sceptical, no diet supplements had ever been even remotely effective for me. The products that Amanda recommended consisted of a vegan protein shake combined with a “greens” supplement which is like having your “5 a day” in one drink and some digestive probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes thrown in for good measure. The recommendation was that I replace one meal a day with these powders in the form of a shake. Even more sceptical but frankly all out of options I did what was told. After one week I noticed that a long standing skin complaint had simply “vanished” but I could not be sure at that stage if this was coincidence. However, three weeks into the program and I am well again, but not just back to my former self, better than my former self. I visited the gym just a few days ago and my performance and endurance had doubled. I sometimes read these testimonials with a pinch of salt thinking “yeah sure – like that really happened”, well fortunately for me it did. I am a 50 year old man who was feeling the full weight of a classic mid life physical meltdown and this simple program has given me renewed energy and renewed hope. Thank you Amanda, your support is very much appreciated and Arbonne is simply Amazing!
Amanda has been a source of inspiration and has certainly helped me through Arbonne by introducing me to products that are helping my rosacea to help me come off my medication. I have also tried some of the nutritional products which are amazing and I would definitely recommend highly. If you have not done so already please take a look at the website and then speak to Amanda who is hugely informative on her products and a truly lovely person too. Thank you Amanda and Arbonne pleased to get to know you.
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