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    Doodle's Den

    Sam R said about: Doodle's Den

    5 Stars

    Doodles Den is such a fantastic hidden gem for families with young children in & around Windsor. A bright, welcoming cafe with a great menu,offering small portions of all options for the wee ones....

    Added December 2015

    Weddings, Celebrations & Parties

    Emma S said about: Weddings, Celebrations & Parties

    5 Stars

    What can I say I LOVE THE BEST OF WINDSOR. Michelle and Tom have been fantastic at helping support my small local business....

    Added December 2015

    Emerald Lion Photo Booths

    Sarah B said about: Emerald Lion Photo Booths

    5 Stars

    Emerald Lion .**HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** If you are looking for a photo booth experience, this company can provide it. Booths are delivered, set up and manned by professional, friendly staff who ensure your event is enjoyed by all....

    Added December 2015

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