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    Emerald Lion Photo Booths

    Sarah B said about: Emerald Lion Photo Booths

    5 Stars

    Emerald Lion .**HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** If you are looking for a photo booth experience, this company can provide it. Booths are delivered, set up and manned by professional, friendly staff who ensure your event is enjoyed by all....

    Added December 2015

    Emerald Lion Photo Booths

    Helen P said about: Emerald Lion Photo Booths

    5 Stars

    The lady was so attentive and caring, the photo booth was just fab, everyone loves it and it made my party. I highly recommend Emerald Photo Booths and I can't thank the company enough, from the booking to the end of the evening everything was amazing, thank you so much.

    Added November 2015

    Doodle's Den

    Natalie K said about: Doodle's Den

    5 Stars

    We had a lovely play date and lunch for Joe's 1st birthday! It was so fun and Hazel and Kristina were so helpful!...

    Added November 2015

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