Who needs Marketing?
19th November 2015
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If you are running a business, you do!

What is Marketing anyway?

Marketing is about taking goods and services from an idea to a purchasable commodity. It includes the conception of a product or service, setting a price that is acceptable to the market, establishing how it is to be taken to market, and the development of a promotional strategy. 

Consider a shop without a shop window in which to display its wares, it may not do very well in any high street. Marketing is that shop window, many businesses flounder because their founders are not as good at ‘selling’ the concept as they are at making things. Professional help is at hand.

Thebestof Winchester is the finest marketing tool that at your disposal, right now.

Our aim is to be a shop window that is proactive, dynamic and actively promoting the memberships businesses through as many means as are at our disposal on a day by day basis.

Never heard of it?

Formed just over ten years ago and with over 150 operations, each boosting local businesses daily through the vigorous activities of the local business people whose personal aim is to drive success for the individual members and the Town or City in which they are working. 

The achievement of ‘Thebestof Brand’ is evident by their success in winning a host of top national and local awards and tens of thousands of great local customers for businesses by raising awareness and driving great publicity events to draw in more and more customers, TheBestof Winchester continues to go from strength to strength.

Thebestof Winchester will only achieve greater success for all of its members as it grows in size as more and more of the business community get behind it!

You are invited and a warm welcome awaits.

So, what’s in it for me?

The oxygen of publicity. Consider that you have a great shop window, but it is hidden away from view – because of its location maybe, in order to compete with the ‘high street’ there has to be a darned good reason for folks to come past every other shop to get to yours.

Thebestof Winchester is dedicated to putting every member into the ‘high street’, regardless of location, and by becoming a Community hub they are connecting a huge number of local residents – shoppers - to a growing number of business people.

So what is in it for you?

The answer is, a lot of potential new customers.   

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