Ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
4th February 2016
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No. 1 - Turn off those lights! If you're not using them or leaving the room; switch off as you go.. Also changing light bulbs to LED or flourescent ones has a big impact.

No. 2 - Eat less meat and dairy. It takes a lot of resources and energy to raise livestock (especially cows). Try going meatless on Monday!

No. 3 - Buy locally produced food and produce to minimise the usage of fossil fuels used to transport produce.

No. 4 - Keep tires inflated. This can increase fuel efficiency and save money in the long run.

No. 5 - Change your driving style. Accelerating slowly + smoothly along with maintaining a steady speed and anticipating your stops and starts drastically reduces usage and saves money on fuel.

No. 6 - Unplug devices. This is beneficial both to the planet and your gadgets. Chargers, and other devices continue to drain electricity when left plugged in and in 'sleep mode'. Save money too by unplugging before you leave.

No. 7 - Don't buy bottled water where possible. Tap water in the UK is perfectly safe to consume. Bottled water increases fossil fuel usage due to the distance travelled, along with waste from packaging.

No. 8 - Plant a tree. Offset some of your carbon! One young tree absorbs 13 pounds of CO2 in a year. And a 10-year-old tree releases enough O2 to support two human beings.

No. 9 - Use public transport and share lifts where possible. More people, fewer cars = less fuel usage. Simple!

No. 10 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

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