Mad Mornings
15th August 2016
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School mornings are the worse, those with grown up children can smile with the knowledge they have the badge and the T-Shirt. While those with children of school age can only hope it gets easier.

The new school year starts with great intentions, school uniform laid out and the first few mornings all go according to plan. Then it starts to unravel, tempers fray, children need to be nagged out of bed and you are rushing to the car.

School day mornings have been scientifically proven to be most stressful time of the day. But there are ways to make it easier!

Make sure the child understands what they are supposed to do. Get up when they hear the alarm, dress, wash and be down for breakfast by 7.30am. But young children need a little more help and detail

  • Confirm that dressing does mean socks and shoes
  • Washing instructions also includes doing your teeth

It may help if you use a task chart, with stickers as an incentive. For the very young use drawings, such a toothbrush or school bag. Rewards chart may work for older children, and offer rewards for spending after school. When you get levels of poor behaviour then these rewards can be removed.

It may help if you get some things done the night before, such as getting your child's equipment and bags sorted, or even better get them to do it!!

If you are having problem most mornings, then look at the bigger picture. Why is she grumpy?

  • Is she getting enough sleep?
  • Is she happy at school?
  • Some children don't like being pushed quickly in the mornings. This may mean starting a little earlier.
  • Some children wake up with really low blood sugar, so look at how you can get breakfast done first.

Psychologists recommend you see the funny side of life, as it eases the start of the day. Plus stay calm, if mum and dad start shouting, everyone gets upset. If all this fails on some days move on without guilt, were are only humans trying to be the best parents we can.

Then as a reward if you get past all this grab yourself a coffee from the Riverside Yurt Café.

Tips taken from Professor Judy M. Hutchings from Bagnor University.

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