Hungry for Halloween?
14th September 2015
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Take a peek at these tasty simple snacks to satisfy the munchies!

Slippery Squid

  • Poke 5 spaghetti strands into cut up chunks of hot dog. Simply boil until cooked.

Apple Monsters

  • Cut a segment out of the apple to create a mouth. 
  • Decorate with sweets to make as scary as you need! To glue on sweets you can use icing sugar. 
  • Try using things like strawberry laces and don’t forget googly eyes!

Spiders in your soup!

  • Swirl cream in a spider web pattern to create a web effect. 
  • Tomato soup works best.

Bugs in slime

  • Make Jelly of your choosing.
  • Pour into cups, before it sets pop a gummy worm or two in. So it looks as if they are crawling out!

Blood Punch

  • Turn cranberry juice into a vampires delight by adding red food colouring, cherry juice and adding some fangs.

Popcorn brains

  • Add mustard and cheddar cheese to popcorn. 
  • Mould into brain shapes, and chow down!
Banana Ghosts + Pumpkin Satsumas
  • Add celery sticks in the top of the satsuma to create a mini pumpkin.
  • Push circle shaped chocoloate onto bananas to create ghost faces.
Worms in the ground
  • Crumble up chocolate cake. 
  • Add worm sweets!
Any suggestions? Comment below!
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