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Herm Island, Guernsey

Herm Island is truly unique and utterly magical. Having visited the island at least once a year for every one of my 22 years, I can say hand on heart that it is a wonderful place to go. There is something for everyone, beautiful beaches, refreshing walks, fantastic food and drink, the best sunsets in the world and complete relaxation. When I was little, having the freedom to go to the beaches without the parents was very special, and for my parents Herm offered complete safety that enabled them the freedom to walk the indirect route to the beach. Now I am older, it allows me the opportunity to meet friends that I only see on Herm, and take my mind off exams and other stresses. I love Herm so much that during my gap year I worked in the restaurant in the hotel and got to live on Herm for 3 and a half months which I enjoyed very much. Herm Island offers beautiful scenery and a chance to relax completely and I cannot recommend it enough.