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The pilates clinic is simply the best pilates studio in the whole London - it's always beautifully clean and tidy, the instructors are all very knowledgeable, friendly and always eager to help. During the time that I attended the classes at this studio my whole understanding of my body and awareness changed and improved dramatically. I cannot recommend it enough and am still telling everyone that it is the studio to go to if they want to try reformer pilates and understand what it is all about. So sad I had to leave it because of my move to Central London.
I initially started Pilates because of a bad back and have continued to see Lisa for many years. I am so enjoying her new Studio. The reformer machines are such a fun way to do a work out and I really feel they are strengthening my core even further plus giving me some cardiovascular exercise..
I have being taking Pilates lessons with Jane at Lisa's studio for the last 3 years, and so when the move was approaching to Lisa's new studio in Wimbledon I had to go with them both and what a fantastic move that was. As well as having the most amazing teacher who has helped me strengthen my back following the usual problems you get with the lifting of young children and also a slipped disc in my neck, I can now enjoy my weekly session which is 'my' time to relax and work out, in the most wonderful surroundings of the new studio. The equipment is all state of the art and the light filled studio also makes it such an enjoyable place to exercise, stretch and relax. I so look forward to my weekly classes and it is all down to Jane for her professionalism and the brilliant reformer class she takes. I urge anyone who is even thinking of starting up pilates to contact the studio. I have done plenty of pilates classes over the years and the one thing about using the reformers is that you then feel you really have had a work out as you are using the weights. Thank you to you both and I look forward to the next three years with you!
Everything about Pilates at The Pilates Clinic is easy (except for the challenging workouts!) The website is informative, easy to read, classes are flexible, are easy to book and pay for online. Lisa and her team are Pilates experts, highly knowledgable and thoroughly enthusiastic. The studio is clean with all the latest equipment and professionally run. I love it here and highly recommend it for beginners, intermediates or experts.
I love the studio, it’s amazing!!!! Jane has changed my life and now I am pain free- thank you so much!!!!
The Group Reformer session kicked my butt today! I can actually feel myself shrinking! :-)
The Pilates Clinic has a superb studio with spanking new equipment to work out on and lots of natural light which is a scarce commodity in winter; Lisa and her instructors are friendly and well experienced. I enjoy the group sessions (max five in a class) as the exercises are dynamic and varied, saw the results only going once a week!
Reformer Pilates with Lisa has been and is continuing to really help me with all my core strength issues. My posture and gait have greatly improved and this initially helped with my back and neck pains. It is now helping with my gym and running workouts. Most interesting at the tender age of 52 my regular weekly reformer Pilates instruction with Lisa has seriously helped my golf and my handicap is beginning to reduce. Core blimey... :-)
My Pilates group session on a Saturday morning is a great way to start the weekend leaving me feeling better and less stressed after a busy week at work. The teachers ensure the class content varies so that the sessions remain fun and stimulating.
I have been benefiting from Pilates with Lisa and her team for 10 years. It has improved my posture and also assisted with various back problems that I have had. The fabulous new premises are a total bonus to what is always a friendly, personalised and professional service.
I began my regular Pilates sessions when The Pilates Clinic first opened. I was 3-months pregnant when I first started, despite being a "virgin" reformer client; I was hooked after the first session. The instructors I have seen (Lisa and Tam) are motivating, inspirational and allowed me to continue in a regular class giving me the confidence that all exercise choices for the group were safe for me. I also recommend my personal training clients to sign up with The Pilates Clinic, as I can only see the benefits of both training regimes working in parallel. Now that I've found The Pilates Clinic, there's no looking back!
The one appointment of the week I never willingly miss. Beautiful, relaxing new studio and top calibre teaching.
What to say...I love Pilates at The Pilates Clinic!!!! My body is always tired but happy when I am finished and my mind is clear and at peace... If you could bottle that for all you would be a miracle worker!!! Thanks for keeping this old body rocking.
I started having semi-private lessons with Tam in Jan 2012. I had been suffering from lower back pain for 2 years and it was affecting every aspect of my life. There was no instant fix, but after 8 months I was pain free. Tam did an amazing job of being caring, pain reliever one minute and hardcore strength builder the next - and choosing just the right time for both. The equipment in the studio gives me a much more efficient work out than mat based classes, and Tam's expertise (and patience!) has given me an in-depth understanding of how to get the most out of each exercise. Before meeting Tam, I had seen a chiropractor, osteopath, phsyio and consultant but no one could resolve my back pain. But time, hard work, The Pilates Clinic and Tam have managed to do what seemed impossible a year ago. So thank you, and roll on getting even stronger in 2013.
Pilates has been a big part of my exercise routine for the last 12 years and I have been with Lisa and then Jane and Lisa for at least 10 of them. The exercises have helped enormously with my bad back which is thankfully now a distant memory and Jane and Lisa have expertly supported and instructed me over the years with kindness and humour!
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