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The Blagden Consultancy has been our secret weapon for a long time. Our graphic design company uses Apple Macs in a very time-constrained, dead-line focussed way, and the excellent and careful planning of the system with servers, enormous file storage, large format printers and a very easy-to-use backup strategy by TBC has meant that we have had virtually no hiccups for over a decade.
We have used The Blagden Consultancy for over 15 years, and in that time have grown to trust the common sense and vast knowledge of the staff, especially John Blagden. If he doesn’t know something he tells us and then immediately goes and finds the answer, and if he thinks we are doing something wrong or making a mistake he points it out in a firm but diplomatic manner.
John was a great help in advising me a new Apple setup after my equipment got stolen. Now I'm up and running again.
John is my Mac Guru - anything that I need for my IT requirements he is able to come up with a detailed and cost effective plan within tight time constraints.
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