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A fantastic, interactive music session. The highlight of my son’s week!
All 3 of my boys have loved Musical Express – Jenny manages to combine her beautiful voice with interesting and unusual songs with great actions.
I’ve taken Amy to Musical Express since she was 6 months old and we’ve loved it from the start. She’s now nearly 2 and it’s lovely to see her develop new skills through the classes.
After over 20 years of nannying and on my 3rd child with Jenny, Musical Express is the best in my opinion.
A highlight of our week! My daughter Amelie has really enjoyed growing with Musical Express, and gaining confidence through the caring and gentle approach that Jenny so engenders.
Musical Express is as much fun now as it was 2½ years ago when we started. The boys love coming and always look forward to the next session. Thanks for everything.
My son has regularly been coming to these classes and loves it! Recently a piano tuner even commented on what a good ear he has for music! Jenny is a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly recommend her classes.
Seb and I have been coming to Musical Express since he was 7 months old. He loves playing with the musical instruments and we have learnt lots of new songs that we sing together at home. We both thoroughly enjoy the sessions! Thank you!
A wonderful 40 minutes of fun-filled music, songs and dance. Our children thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to it every week and most of all they love Jenny!
Both my children have loved Musical Express from 6 months to 4 years. They have learned to listen and to play – a great foundation for a love of music which will last a lifetime.
Jenny is classically trained and very professional. She knows how to keep the children entertained and they love it! It’s the longest-running class we’ve attended and we’ll keep coming through the next years, and hopefully for our second child too!
We always look forward to Jenny’s friendly smile, happy face and great songs. She takes the time to get to know each child and we love the personal touch she brings to Musical Express.
The under 2’s class is brilliant. It’s the first group that I have found where both the leader and fellow group are friendly. My daughter loves attending and looks forward to Mondays.
After 4 years of Jenny’s classes I can thoroughly recommend Musical Express – and it’s great to have a class that works for siblings of different ages. Definitely worth a try!
A great class which both my boys have loved. Well thought out activities and a lovely variety of music, actions and using instruments.
I have really enjoyed coming to the group with my grandson Alexander – we have both had great fun.
'Just like Jenny’ says Finn aged 2, as he picks up his fork and plays ‘Twinkle twinkle’ on his ‘flute’ – just like Jenny! Lovely!
My name is Evie. I’m 10 months old and have been coming to Musical Express for 8 weeks. I can recognise ‘row row row your boat’, ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and ‘The grand old Duke of York’. I have also learnt how to bang a drum and shake maracas. I like it when Jenny sings my name.
My children both absolutely loved Musical Express. It was a great precursor to Nursery, as it taught them concentration, listening as well as a love of music. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
We really enjoy going to Musical Express each week. My 2 year old looks forward to it each week and asks when she is going ‘singing’. Jenny has the voice of an angel and the patience of a saint. She keeps the children (and adults) entertained with a wide selection of instruments and songs. Each class is different and we all have a lot of fun. I’d thoroughly recommend Musical Express for all ages.
Musical Express has been loved by all 3 of my children. They have all been going since birth and when Oscar became too old to go anymore he was so upset! He is now learning the piano at school and is a budding rock star! He still talks about Musical Express even now! Jenny is loved by them all because she is so warm and patient and has amazing songs, stories, instruments and out of this world puppets!! When she plays her flute all of the children are mesmerized!! From an early age my children have been able to identify which instrument is playing which melody when listening to music.....thanks to Jenny and her team Musical Express is very educational and fantastic fun for all. I would recommend it to everyone with children under the age of 5
"We have been coming to Jenny's classes for the last 4 years, progressing from the baby classes to the jolly phonics drop off classes. Both my kids love every minute of every lesson! Jenny's fabulous voice, musical pupetry, storytelling and games and her love for music and children alike make the Musical Express experience one not to be missed - thank you Jenny for helping my kids to love music so much" (Andrea, mum to Lili 4 years and Jacob 2 years)
We’ve been going to Musical Express for three years and my daughters love it – so much so that my eldest is gutted she can’t go now she’s at school. Musical Express should be a firm fixture in every Southfields family’s calendar!
Hannah has been going to Musical Express for 18months and continues to adore it. She’s always singing at home and music is becoming a key part of our daily life. Thank you for all the fun and encouragement.
My twin girls have been coming to Musical Express since they were born (they are now 4½). They absolutely love the class and Jenny too! The classes have had a very positive impact on their school work which makes their mother very happy too! Thank you Jenny.
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