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IT solutions that keep your business running smoothly

LoftyiT provides outsourced IT, technology solutions and IT consulting to small and medium businesses in Wimbledon & Merton and the surrounding area. They also provide home office support -  supporting you anywhere on any device.

Serving local businesses since 2014, LoftyiT has been a trusted provider of IT support services to SMEs across Greater London. Working within a wide range of industry sectors including HR, finance, legal, administration offices, retail, hotels, restaurants, estate agents, student accommodation and construction, the team work in partnership with clients to provide proactive IT solutions that deliver exceptional results.



From strategic advice to fully managed IT support services, business continuity to cyber security,; email hosting to cloud services, LoftyiT in Wimbledon & Merton have the expertise you need for a complete IT solution for your business.


IT Audit

The ongoing management of computer systems, software and hardware warranties can become complicated and time-consuming. Working with LoftyiT as your IT specialist means the management of your IT assets (both software and hardware), either on your premises or in the Cloud, is no longer a headache.


LoftyiT offers a wide range of technological solutions to help design and implement a solution that works for your needs and budget. Your bespoke solution will be tailored for you, whether it’s for local and wide area networks, wireless networking or mobile computing.

Cloud & Infrastructure Consulting

For outstanding results when it comes to flexibility and agility, as well as optimising production workloads, deploying in-house and public cloud solutions can be the perfect fit for your business.


Server Installation

The technicians at LoftyiT offer free and independent advice for all your server needs, whatever your timescale and budget. If you need help with your existing machine, or if you are upgrading or migrating to a new server, the team will carefully plan and complete the project.

Server and Firewall Monitoring

Working with LoftyiT means your network is secure. The process begins by introducing a monitoring strategy, potential problems are identified, and then alerts are created to prevent any probable intrusion. The team will also provide expert advice on how to get high availability through fell over.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smart Phone Support

If you’re looking for a more secure and scalable business IT infrastructure, desktops and applications could be the answer. The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure effectively makes use of your existing computer resources without increasing costs. This approach will also mean your business can react rapidly to fluctuating business and end user needs.

Data Cabling

When it comes to your computer network, the data cabling is the most durable, lasting as much as 20 years. Having your cabling needs designed by genuine experts and built to last is key.



VoIP enables telephone calls to be transmitted over the internet, meaning you can replace the traditional PSTN (Analogue lines). By converting the traditional analogue signal into a digitised version, voice calls can then be transmitted through an internet connection.


Disaster Recovery

For many businesses in the City and Central London, being prepared for a possible disaster is vital. Having Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans in place are essential for ensuring business operations can continue should the worst happen.


Office Relocations

Moving offices can be daunting prospect. When it comes to getting your business up and running again FAST - especially the computer systems that keep it operational - is essential. LoftyiT has successfully supported a number of clients with their office relocations, ensuring that their computer systems are safely relocated and installed in a working condition.


Hospitality WiFi

Make your guests experience the very best it can be by offering them the very best hospitality Wi-Fi solutions. Working with LoftyiT will mean you can offer guests simple, yet elegant Wi-Fi designs at unrivalled speed.

Wi-Fi Solutions for Student Accommodation

We all want a Wi-Fi system that is robust and easy to manage - and for students it’s no different. The guest Wi-Fi solution for student accommodation from LoftyiT could be the perfect answer!


IT Solutions for Hotels

When your guests visit your hotel, they expect superb IT service from you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To provide that kind of superb service there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Your system is backed up by multiple, complex systems that you need to be available at all times for you to deliver on your promises.

With LoftyiT you can be assured that they are available 24/7 to provide you an uninterrupted supporting service that will never let you down and therefore you will have peace of mind to know that your guests will never be disappointed.


Why choose LoftyiT?

With a proven track record of accomplishments in providing exceptional IT services, LoftyiT are well placed to appreciate the unique challenges their clients face. The team advises on the best practices for their specific sector, providing infrastructure and solutions that will help them realise their business aims and objectives.

LoftyiT safeguards and proactively supports IT infrastructure 24/7, 365 days a year to keep your business running. Their solutions will help you get the most from your technology to improve your business operations, increase your productivity and reduce your costs.

Whether you’re looking for service quality improvements, technical improvements, cyber security solutions, financial savings or a partner who cares about your business, their experience and expertise means that they are 100% confident their IT support services will exceed your expectations in every area.

Meeting the ever changing demands of IT and business change, the solutions provided by LoftyiT are designed to provide you with flexibility and support you need as your business grows. You also get total peace of mind that your IT problems are covered within one comprehensive support package with guarantees to underpin the service you receive from them.

As soon as a problem is reported the LoftyiT  helpdesk springs into action. More importantly, because your system is being proactively monitored 24/7 in many cases problems are anticipated and resolved before they even arise.