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Cassar Academy of Choi Kwang Do teaches respect, discipline and fitness through a non impact martial art. The instructors are great, the vibe is amazing and the results are incredible! As a student I recommend to at least come for a trial lesson. Master Cassar, thank you for the help and training! To all the instructors, Pil Seung!
Ten years ago I was a dancer and extremely fit, but had left that behind when I went to drama school to train as an actress. After 6 years in 'the business', although I didn't consider myself unhealthy, I was eager to seize the opportunity of making a new year's resolution to get fit again and to learn something new. In January 2009 I joined the Cassar Academy of Cho Kwang Do and I haven't looked back since. Choi is now somewhat of an obsession for me - in fact, I try to fit my other commitments around classes, rather than vice versa. I love the discipline of the art and how I always have something to be working on and improving, not to mention having the opportunity to push myself further than I thought I could and testing my boundaries. I am pleased to have been welcomed into the 'Choi family' and have made friends with a similar outlook on life. I just can't rave about Choi enough, although those closest to me would, I'm sure, disagree!! Lastly, my career is a very frustrating and uncertain one and, in Choi, I have found a healthy and effective way to deal with the stresses and tensions of my everyday life.
Quite simply, one of the best things that has happened to Morden in years! Don't be intimidated by the fact that it's a martial arts academy, pay the Cassar Academy a visit and you will find that it's so much more. There is a warmth and friendliness here and a culture of respect that you may have thought had been lost nowadays. With training, you can expect your fitness and wellbeing to improve, as well as your confidence. The Cassar Academy of Choi Kwang Do is the friendly face of Martial arts in Morden.
I started CKD 3.5 years ago not being able to walk along the street without the falling over, i am a brown belt senior with my grading for my black belt very soon. Choi has helped me with my temper, my confidence and has also helped me make friends, which is not easy for me as i have aspergers. thank you Choi for helping me.
Everyone is welcome and valued irrespective their age or ability. There is a vibrancy and enthusiasm at the accademy. The staff take genuine interest in the students. Everyone is encouraged to achieve their full potential.
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